UNC REX Healthcare

UNC REX Healthcare came to Walk West to create a series of promotional videos with two distinct purposes. The first was a video helping patients decide between Urgent Care or the Emergency Room, while the second was a video showcase for the Women’s Center at UNC REX.

The Challenge

Nationally, the average cost of an emergency room visit is $2,168 versus $155 for treatment at an urgent care facility. Coupled with shorter wait times at urgent care centers these are a smart choice for minor health care needs. But many people don’t know when they should go to the ER or go to an urgent care facility.

The Solution

We created a fun, tongue-in-cheek video to raise awareness about when it’s best to use one of UNC REX Healthcare’s four Rex Express Care (urgent care) locations across Wake County versus the emergency room. Walk West worked with UNC REX Healthcare’s marketing team to brainstorm this fun, shareable video as well as supporting social media elements. What ensued was a fun presentation delivered by those who are best qualified to make that recommendation – doctors.

The Results

Within the first three weeks of going live, the video received over 28,000 views and was featured as a story on two local news networks. Walk West also developed a launch plan with UNC REX Healthcare’s marketing team and agencies of record. These supporting elements included an educational infographic, rich social content, and local outreach. We’re very proud to announce that this project received an Honorable Mention in the AVA Digital Awards, sponsored by Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals.

That Was Fun and Effective - Let’s Do Another

The Challenge

After the success of the Rex Express Care campaign, the marketing team at UNC REX brought us back to brainstorm another idea, this time for the Women’s Center.  The goal of the new video project was to showcase UNC REX’s Women’s Center and why future mothers should choose it to have their babies there.

Two elements to include again?  Humor and music.

The Solution

We knew there was a delicate balance in producing comedy in healthcare. It’s often not appropriate.  However, there are a few areas in which humor can be an asset without being offensive. Also, humor in advertising is proven to be more memorable than traditional approaches.  So we pitched UNC REX’s team several ideas that would highlight Women’s Center’s world-class care, including a musical option featuring real doctors and nurses. We worked closely with the Women’s Center team in pre-production meetings and song creation.  Then, came the fun part! Shooting inside the actual labor and delivery unit.

Like to Sing and Dance?

(We Do Too)

Let's Do It