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920 Main Campus Drive, Suite 410
Raleigh, NC 27606
(919) 324-3925
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If you’re coming for a visit, our Client Services team will email you a detailed map of Centennial Campus, directing you to the parking garage that’s behind Venture I, II, II and IV. (Walk West is in the Venture II building.) You’ll also receive a visitor parking pass via email to print and display on your dash.


The Kind of People You Want to Hang Out With

We go beyond just being able to work well together, we actually have fun together. Designers hang out with developers. The search team likes the social team. Broadcast producers and product architects are friends. And there’s Champagne Fridays, which seems to make our Instagram account pretty frequently.

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Brian Onorio, CEO
Design and Development
Walk West Culture
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Greenroom Is Now Walk West

A visit to the Greenroom will now take you to Walk West. Come tour our new digital home.