UNC Rex Health Talk

UNC Rex Health Talk is a live digital broadcast delivered via Facebook Live to the open audience. Walk West successfully transformed the previous broadcast production aired on WRAL-TV and utilized live streaming to deliver eyes and results to the campaign.

The Challenge

In 2016, our client, UNC REX Healthcare, wanted to brainstorm new ways of reaching their current and potential patients different from traditional and expensive broadcast television programming. For ten years, they had sponsored Rex On Call, a monthly, live TV show on a local network affiliate. It featured medical experts who answered viewers’ call-in questions. Walk West worked with UNC REX’s marketing team to produce and host the television program. So what would come next? What would the 2.0 version of Rex On Call be?

The Solution

After numerous collaborative meetings with UNC REX’s marketing team, we planned to launch a new version of the show in November 2016, but this time on Facebook Live. Our team quickly went to work researching ways of improving a livestream’s production value to mimic the show’s television past. There were many options to consider as we prepared to debut UNC REX Health Talk:

  • What day of the week would we livestream?
  • What time of day?
  • What topics would resonate?
  • Would we have a strong enough wifi or cell signal to support a consistent livestream?
  • Could we use professional cameras instead of iPhones?
  • What about graphics and video to support the show’s content?

The Results

Over the course of eight months, we helped UNC REX Healthcare’s Facebook page achieve more than 852K reach for all show activities, including the actual livestream broadcast and supporting promotional videos.

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