The Green Tariff

Working to stop regulation that would all but halt the sale of third party solar installations in western Virginia, Walk West teamed up with government and public affairs professionals in the state to deliver an educational campaign to engage the population into direct action.

The Challenge

Walk West engaged with a non-profit organization to help oppose Virginia’s energy regulatory body from enacting what became known as The Green Tariff. If passed, The Green Tariff would create a monopoly in the purchase of residential solar panels where only the local energy utility would be able to facilitate the purchase. The utility would offer solar installations at costs higher than the private market. Our goal was to generate comments to the Virginia State Corporation Commission to oppose this regulatory requirement. To add to the challenge, as successful submission to the SCC required a high friction form including full name, email address, phone number, address, city, state, and ZIP code.

The Result

The result was immediately recognizable. Walk West spent a few weeks in the creative process authoring content, ad campaigns, and landing pages to support the campaign’s goal of generating as many comments to the SCC as possible.

After a two-week sprint campaign, our team managed to generate 632 unique comments to the SCC opposing The Green Tariff. Although the submission process was full of friction, our campaign generated a remarkably high submission conversion rate of 7.35% on all incoming traffic. Our campaign generated over 1.2M ad impressions reaching 706,000 unique users across the social sphere.

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