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In 2014, Greenroom Communications (now Walk West) was contacted by Don Opici, Managing Director of Florida-based Opici Wine Company.  Don wanted a promotional video created in response to their 2014 Importer of the Year Award by Wine Enthusiast Magazine.

But not just any video. Don wanted to tell the authentic story of his family-owned and -operated wine import and distribution business, with a video that reflected the same heartfelt commitment and personal relationship platform under which the company has operated for more than 100 years.

The Challenge

Wine tends to be a snooty business, filled with pretentious connoisseurs and glass-swirling experts. Don needed the video to genuinely address anyone who loves a great glass of wine, yet still highlight the depth of expertise four generations of Opicis had perfected in the competitive wine and spirits industry. Marrying the two concepts was sure to be a challenge.

The Solution

Enter Walk West (formerly Greenroom Communications).

In a style that our agency has been perfecting for years, the Opici Wine Company’s video story would be a depiction of normalcy that draws in the viewers, then surprises them with an unexpected dose of hyper-real satire that makes viewers want to 1) watch the video again, then 2) share it with everyone they know.

In this format, the script still conveyed the passionate story of the humble immigrant business built by Don’s Italian grandfather, how his family’s mission has always been to share the simple appreciation of good, quality wine, how their brand is less about image and more about great service, and how relationships are the basis of their award-winning success.  Without typical “wine snobbery” or bravado, the video was produced to portray authenticity, industry expertise and humor.


The Result

The Opici Wine Company video was unveiled in 2015, and since that time, has garnered over 4,000 views on the brand’s YouTube channel, and likely as many smiles. Its evergreen content continues to provide value to the brand, long after their 2014 award was presented.

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