We believe we’re lucky to do what we do. Our team enjoys the daily work and likes collaborating to solve big challenges, but every once in awhile, we get to tell an amazing story that is so deserving and so full of emotional resonance that it makes our jobs even more fulfilling.

The Challenge

Zayden is a 7-year-old boy with a huge spirit and congenital heart disease. His dream was to go to outer space, but a trip to NASA wouldn’t fulfill his very specific wish. He wanted to blast off in a red rocket, travel to Saturn, meet aliens, and experience other very specific mission elements that he shared in great detail with the mission team. We worked with Make-A-Wish Georgia, along with partners UPtv and Trick 3D, to make that wish come true in the only way possible, with Virtual Reality.  

The Solution

Granting the first ever virtual reality wish was a huge achievement, and Walk West was proud to chronicle #ZaydensMission to Saturn with a video that captured both the intricacies of the VR experience, and the joy that surrounded Zayden on his trip to outer space. For what turned out to be an emotional journey, the intangible end result is tough to measure, but the trailer and long-form video earned more than 20k views on YouTube, while the Inside Edition coverage alone saw nearly 200k views.

Making Stories Come To Life

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