Inventure Civil

Inventure Civil

Inventure Civil designs and builds the infrastructure that we travel on every day. It was our job to design and develop the infrastructure for their online traffic.


The Brief

Inventure Civil is a civil engineering firm owned and operated by some of the most innovative people we’ve met. They are committed to the worthy cause of restoring America’s transportation infrastructure to global leadership. They partnered with us to create their first-ever web presence.

Web Design WordPress

Inventure Civil is an amazing company that didn’t have a website. Sine Wall, which was the previous name of the company, was transitioning into niche company under the umbrella of Inventure Civil. Trying to reign in the moving parts while creating a new brand that would become the face of the organization would take a data-driven design.


Create a new website that would provide clarity in the navigation and menus around the new brand while meshing with the company’s other initiatives. Position Inventure Civil as the umbrella company, with the company’s other industry-specific brands distinctly aligning underneath it. Demonstrate the company’s commitment to innovation without coming off as trendy.

Website Design
Inventure Civil Project Full Screen

Purposeful animations make the content come to life.

Case Studies

In this industry, it’s truly about what you’ve done rather than who you know.

Bounce Rate Decrease
Returning Visitor Traffic Increase

Fluid Layout

The case studies, internal process, portfolio, and who to contact are all laid out for ideal user flow across the entire website.

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Open-Source Technologies

Our expert developers leverage open-source technology to build clean, modern, performance driven websites and applications, that are both elegant and scalable.

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