Aesthetic Solutions

A pioneer in cosmetic dermatology, Aesthetic Solutions pairs over 25 years of internationally recognized medical expertise with the human touch of compassion. Their communication goal is to educate people that Aesthetic Solutions’ cosmetic dermatology is more than just a means to superficial beauty. Their services provide real solutions to real problems, and yield natural results that reflect your best self — how you feel inside.

So Aesthetic Solutions partnered with Walk West to refresh their website and provide marketing services to convey their passion for the art and science of cosmetic dermatological care, as well as highlight the best-in-class skills of their compassionate team of healthcare professionals. The website is a resource for people seeking Dr. Sue Ellen Cox’s expertise and it features a community of real people with real stories, testifying to the quality of Aesthetic Solutions’ offering of clinically-validated treatments and services.

The Challenge

Aesthetic Solutions’ website needed to educate and empower its visitors, dispel stereotypes, build community, and emphasize the safety and science behind Aesthetic Solutions’ procedures. That’s four distinct messages in one  user-friendly, easily-navigated, visually cohesive design. Challenge accepted. 

The Solution

We put user journey where it belongs – at the forefront of the design process. We knew that an intuitive, user-friendly experience would effortlessly guide users to exactly the content they needed. Answers to their questions, hesitancies and curiosities. We also knew that an aesthetics-based practice deserves a really beautiful website. Our goal was for every consumer to feel informed and confident about the Aesthetic Solutions approach, and to schedule a consultation.

With such a wide variety of procedures and treatments available, we developed a navigation system that categorized services by individual treatment concerns. This ensured that any type of patient receives appropriate, personalized resources delivered from the same library of indexed content.  

Highlighting the uniqueness of Aesthetic Solutions’ approach was another focus. Our designers amplified Dr. Cox’s decades of expertise, compassion, and personal service as key differentiators, and the reason why patients should look to Aesthetic Solutions as a trusted resource for cosmetic dermatology.

And finally, featuring real stories from real patients, we created of community of testimonials for the website, offering support, reassurance, and guidance as visitors looked to Aesthetic Solutions’ site as their informational mentor.

The Results

Beautiful design, user-friendly navigation, and helpful information welcome Aesthetic Solutions’ website visitors. They requested the overall design to set the practice apart and drive home the premium brand. With delicate watercolor illustrations on the homepage and elegant design choices throughout, we struck a balance between inspiring beauty and trustworthy care.  From the first moment on the Aesthetic Solutions site, we’ve created a feeling of compassion and cosmetic artistry, all within a hub full of clinical and medical expertise.