86It is a regional brand campaign addressing the importance of putting litter in its place. Featuring a slew of personalities including a player for the Carolina Hurricanes, our team set out to put together a brand video that was distributed both via digital and broadcast television.

The Challenge

Trash. How do you get people’s attention about garbage? The Wake County Board of Commissioners set a goal to address the roadside litter problem in Wake County. They needed an anti-littering campaign with strategies and tactics to thoughtfully engage citizen participation in addressing litter.

The Solution

Address the goal of reducing litter by launching the “86it” campaign. What is 86it? “To get rid of something; to throw it out.”

The overall campaign included a website developed by Walk West, community outreach, social media and a :30 television commercial. The concept for the spot was created by campaign partner French|West|Vaughn, who reached out to Greenroom Communications (now Walk West) to be the campaign’s video production partner. The plan was to show various, often outrageous, ways that someone can toss a piece of garbage away or recycle something where it belongs. At the end of the spot, “it doesn’t matter how you do it, just 86it.”

The Result

An award winning television commercial that continues to front the 86it campaign across broadcast and digital platforms.

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