WordPress Development

WordPress has become a standard. Not just for us, but for the Internet as a whole. It’s why we have a highly skilled and talented developer corps here at Walk West that understands the platform and how to leverage it precisely for your needs.

The 60%

WordPress now powers 60% of all content management systems worldwide. It is the leading platform with millions of hours of active development since 2003, WordPress has become a staple in how businesses own and manage their content. Walk West has been developing on WordPress for 10 of the platform’s 14 years. Our team has contributed to the WordPress core, has developed plugins on the platform, and is intimately aware of the maintenance requirements of each of our WordPress-powered websites.


Not Just a Blogging Platform

WordPress has matured with time. What once started as a blogging platform has transformed into a scalable content management solution. Notable WordPress users include TechCrunch, BBC America, and The New Yorker. These websites are much larger than simple blogs and the content management system that powers it is used widely across small business users to enterprise users.

Developers Matter

When it comes to building out a WordPress website, your developers matter. There’s a billion WordPress themes out on the Internet ranging from free to a few hundred dollars per. However, an improperly built website on WordPress or a website hosted on an inexpensive host brings risks to your website that you won’t want to deal with. It’s why our Developers understand the WordPress infrastructure inside and out and why we take security incredibly seriously. When utilizing Walk West to both build and host your website, you’re secure and we warranty that.

Simple & Intuitive Content Management

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