Responsive Design

Mobile friendliness isn’t a question at Walk West. Everything we do has the mobile user in mind. It’s not a suggestion, it’s a mandate.

Mobile Matters

In the United States, 54% of all Internet traffic originates from a mobile device. In election terms, that’s a landslide and in business terms, it’s a mandate. Mobile devices have transformed the way we consume content. It’s changed the way we watch television, with that second screen securely fixed in our hands. Mobile cannot be ignored and it’s why attention to these devices are critically important to the fabric of our agency. All websites we produce are mobile ready and are part and parcel of our creative process.


Benefits of Responsive Design

The benefits of responsive design are clear. Instead of creating separate mobile websites or ignoring mobility all together, responsive design allows creative professionals to design the website once that then cascades and formats itself regardless of how wide or tall the screen may be. This reduces overall infrastructural complexity while providing benefits to both content administrators, web developers, and most importantly, users.


User-First Thinking

With the rise of mobile usage and the term responsive design creeping into everyday entomology, many agencies subscribe to a mobile-first ideology. Brian Onorio has written extensively about the flaw of mobile first thinking and instead recommends user first thinking. While mobility should always be considered, it’s important to understand your audience, their needs, and how that matches with your goals. It’s always great to start with Discovery before subscribing to any creative thought processes. We approach our project truly agnostic and let business requirements dictate our approach.

User-Centric Design Starts Here

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