Hosting & Maintenance

Walk West offers full service, turnkey website hosting and maintenance services to ensure that you’re not stuck in the weeds when it comes to keeping your website up, live, optimized, and delivering results. That’s what we’re here for. You shouldn’t have to be your own IT professional. Our plans give your website a nice warranty against all sorts of negatives including routine bug fixes, disaster recovery, hacking and infiltration, and security exploits. It’s what we’re here for.

Hosting & Maintenance

Your website has to sit on a physical server. Think of it as your slice of digital real estate. Hosting has been highly commoditized in recent years with plans starting at just a few dollars per month. These hyper economical hosting plans often place your website on the same server as hundreds, or even thousands, of other websites. In this sort of infrastructure, you’re susceptible to the negative effects of a naughty neighbor. Just as living in an apartment building popular among young people, you expect to have plenty of noise concerns.

If one of your digital neighbors is hacked or exploited… there’s only a short walk over to your space as well. These economical plans do nothing to protect or secure against these types of threats and will report to you what happened but will expect you to clean up the mess.

Walk West takes a zero-excuse policy when it comes to website hosting. If it happens on our watch, we’re responsible. We clean it up. We take ownership and get you back to where you were. Of course, the best way to remedy these types of situation is to prevent these situations. It’s why our hosting platform is specifically geared, tailored, and monitored to proactively defend as opposed to reactively remedy.

Hawkish Backups

We’re hawkish on backups because you never know and it’s impossible to defend against every threat – website owner generated. Delete the wrong page? No problem. We’ve got daily backups and reverting back is as simple as a click of a button. We’re here to help and we’re here to protect against all sorts of negative influences.


A large spike of traffic can be an incredible thing for sales or leads – if your website is able to handle it. A wave of traffic has the tendency to knock websites offline by overloading server resources. Walk West is here to help generate waves of traffic – so naturally, we want your website up and running at all times. Our infrastructure scales seamlessly to allocate resources when you need them the most without downtime.

Delivering Peace of Mind

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