Data Migration & Implementation

Switching content management platforms can be a hassle. So can migrating from one ERP to another. Walk West is here to help guide you through the complexities of data migration no matter how big the project may seem.

Your Data

The Walk West development corps have an extensive amount of experience migrating and managing complex data structures into fluid and discrete digital views. When done correctly, the migration of data should never compromise a system’s integrity nor should it be disjointed and siloed from your digital infrastructure. Your data powers your company. It should also power your website and marketing. At Walk West, that’s precisely what we achieve.

We recently worked with a furniture marketing company out of Holly Springs, North Carolina to reconcile an on-site data platform with a brand new Walk West produced website. Our team and the technical staff at OFM worked tirelessly to merge and marry the two. The result is a website that is powered by their data platform with all of the comforts of a website that is WordPress managed.



Going from one platform to another can be a challenge and one that you don’t want to take alone. Whether the migration is from one content management system to another or from one OMS (order management system) to another, the team at Walk West is ready to consult and perform to achieve business goal


Migration is one thing. How that data works with your marketing operations is quite different. We’ve worked with companies large and small to achieve a seamless implementation. Your data is critically important to business and marketing operations. There’s no reason that there should be a wall between the two. Walk West breaks down barriers and establishes new and forward-thinking paradigms to achieve these operational goals.

Making the Complex Compelling

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