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Virtual Events & Live Streaming

We understand that our world has changed. To keep the people we care about safe, we’ve shifted our business practices from in person to online. Recognizing that many businesses have done the same, we want to help our clients navigate this new virtual space by sharing our expertise in how to still make meaningful connections from afar. See how Walk West can help connect you to your audience – virtually!

Our Approach

Walk West has the specialized resources and dedicated real-time content strategy expertise our clients need to bring any content, conference, concert, or festival to the world.

Our team acts as an extension of our clients’ brands – we study voice, content, and tone. We seamlessly plug into the marketing team as a collaborative partner, amplifying both current assets and new content.

Live Streaming

We produce a wide range of programming, from keynote speakers to live concerts to fully-produced recurring live shows.

Our team of producers work with our clients to align the broadcast with business objectives and decide how we want viewers to engage with the content. We provide recommendations on live content flow, best times of day, and real-time conversation opportunities. On the day of broadcast, we provide technical and floor directors, video technicians, and even talent to host the stream if needed.

See some of our Live Streams

Virtual Events

It’s proven that brands that thoughtfully engage with users in real-time on social media receive more engagement. Engagement leads to conversion to purchase to referrals. At Walk West, we combine the experience of attending a live event with the engagement and reach of social media to amplify any event and reach beyond on-site attendees.

Before the event, we understand the client’s goals and objectives, then provide a comprehensive strategy and run-of-show document to illustrate how we’ll help accomplish them — what content will be produced, when it will go out, and on what channels.

During the event, our team engages with attendees in real-time, and creates a dialogue by monitoring the conversation. Premium content pieces, such as real-time infographics, photo or video capture, real-time giveaways, Q&As, and livestream broadcast, build on that momentum. Our efforts consistently drive spikes in brand mentions and engagement, which drive tangible business results.

See some of our Virtual Events


COVID-19 has made virtual events and live streams mission-critical for many businesses and organizations, but it also raises unique challenges. We do more than just follow the guidelines recommended by the Centers for Disease Control like social distancing, wearing masks, and site sanitation. We require that clients take a screening survey 48 hours prior to any shoot, and we insist on a two-week waiting period for anyone showing symptoms. Our team is committed to safety for everyone involved; that’s why we are doing everything we can to create a work environment you can trust. Just because in-person meetings have slowed or stopped, doesn’t mean life has to as well.

Collaborating with clients is core to what we do at Walk West. We offer meaningful visual brainstorming and working sessions –  both with our clients and internal teams. Our virtual tools and facilitation impactfully plans, edits, and executes on projects in real time, all while staying safely behind our computer screens.

“Band Together has had the pleasure of partnering and working with Walk West for over 5 years during our concert and fundraising campaigns. The quality, dependability and ease of doing business that the team at Walk West bring to each project is much appreciated. They make it look easy, which in turn makes us look good. This year was a perfect example, as we had to get creative with a virtual event. With very little time, Melanie and her team did an amazing job in producing our 30-minute pre-show event at DPAC. We’re very thankful for the relationship and look forward to many more years to come. I would highly recommend working with them and consider them an extension of our Band Together family.”

Thorne Daubenspeck,
Executive Director of Band Together NC

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