Live Broadcast

Do It Live

Live video has sky-rocketed on social media. Facebook Live videos are watched 3X longer and commented on 10X than regular ones. 67% of live video viewers are also more likely to buy a ticket to an event after watching a live video of that event or a similar one*. At Walk West, we produce television-quality broadcast for digital platforms. Anything you can do on traditional live television broadcast we can replicate online. Livestream broadcast drives engagement with consumers and provides them unique access to live events.

Broadcast Production

We have produced a range of programming, from keynote speakers to live concerts, even fully-produced reoccurring live shows. Our team of producers work with you to align the broadcast with your business objectives and decide how we want viewers to engage with your content. We provide recommendations on your live content flow, best times of day, and real-time conversation opportunities. Walk West has the ability to scale up or down depending on complexity. On the day of broadcast, we provide technical and floor directors, video technicians, and even talent to host the stream if needed. Cross-promotion on other platforms digital launch plan, paid promotion, and strategies around live event activation are taken into consideration to gain the most reach.

Optimization & Reporting

As with all our activities, we give a summary report post-broadcast to show how we met your goals. If the livestream broadcast has opportunity to be reoccurring, we proactively optimize on how we can make it even better from show to show. Our analytics are able to tell you specifics around how people interacted with your stream and who those people are. We are able to tell you spikes in viewership, average watch time, overall reach and engagement – even by demographic and device.

Let's Do It Live

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