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Pushing past the obvious is part of our DNA at Walk West. Our approach to strategy is no different, whether we’re developing the marketing strategy to drive a campaign or identifying the business strategy that will disrupt an industry.

Strategy is More Than Frameworks

We have an aversion to using buzzwords and strategy lingo to cloak our thinking, approach, and recommendations. While we can help clients swim in uncharted waters discovered through Blue Ocean Strategy, define problems and situations using the SCQ framework, or design new business models using the Business Model Canvas, these are simply tools to organize thinking. The value of these tools comes from the dialogue we have with you around defining problems and devising ways that we can solve them.

Our Secret to Strategy - Listening

When we approach our initial interactions with clients, we rarely show up with a deck that talks about our achievements and accomplishments. We show up with laptops and notepads to do one thing–listen. We take copious notes and observe the environment where you operate, to understand your goals, aspirations, and challenges. If you ask us what we think the answer is, we will share initial thoughts but will stop short of calling our answer a solution. We believe that solutions can only be discovered after identifying the true cause of gaps–whether business gaps or marketing gaps.


Insight Built Through Collaboration

Successful innovators do not merely try to be better than their rivals. They aim to compete by changing the rules of the game. Your ideal business and marketing strategies will not be revealed through a typical set of rules or commonly used tools. The key to finding your advantage comes through uncovering insights that other competitors have not explored or executed. Our Discovery process is built through collaboration so that we can construct those answers together.

How We Work

Our approach in working with our clients begins with Discovery. We believe that the best outcomes begin by understanding your business almost as well as you do. While we have a comprehensive set of research tools and methods to help you define your business goals, competitive landscape and customer needs, we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to solving problems.

You face unique challenges in your business and you deserve customized strategies and solutions to disrupt your business. Our goal is to provide a holistic view of your company and your market, unique qualities, clients, and digital competition. This information guides the rest of the process without assumptions – delivering clearly researched propositions. You will get valuable insight into your audience and recommended ways to communicate with them to create results. Additionally, our team will get a clearer picture of your goals and expectations while getting to know you as we begin to build our working relationship. At the conclusion of this initial engagement, we will deliver a Discovery Report that will become the vehicle to align all members of your team and ours as we collaborate to execute a cohesive strategy.

Illustrative Discovery Approach

Below is an example outline of the key areas that we cover through Discovery.

  • Collaborate to define business goals and objectives.
  • Analyze the traffic performance of your current website to understand the effectiveness of your content and acquisition channels.
  • Investigate competitors in the marketplace and look for content gaps and other opportunities to better tell your story.
  • Perform a SWOT Analysis to get a sense for internal strengths and weaknesses as well as external opportunities and threats.
  • Develop individual customer and decision maker personas to appropriately target messaging and drive the client/buyer’s journey.
  • Analyze your content, social media footprint and relevant keywords to determine what content needs to be produced and why.
  • Outline recommendations on how to deliberately move forward while providing high-level marketing messages with the overall blueprint for success.
  • Engage the results from Discovery to effectively determine scope of work along with on-going strategy, tactics, messaging, and appropriate communication channels.

Business Consulting

Digital disruption is occurring in nearly every marketplace. In a 2017 Forbes survey, CEOs cite the rapid pace of technological change as their biggest concern in the next 12 months. Our conversations with CEOs and CMOs reveal that the changes in customer behavior enabled through the use of social media and mobile devices are creating the environment for this change. Given this landscape, many clients come to us with complex problems that are not just about marketing plan execution or technology implementation. These problems often start with determining how to attract customers at scale, engage and retain employees, and fend off competitors. Finding the right solution often requires us to help clients re-imagine business models, explore new partnership opportunities, establish new product development approaches, define core infrastructure needs, and model revenue/cost implications.

Walk West has deep experience in helping organizations define strategies to achieve product/market fit and to develop approaches to improve internal operations. Our management team has led strategy and operations teams within Fortune 500 organizations as well as startups across industries. This gives us a unique perspective and set of capabilities as we collaborate with you. We recognize that the challenges you face are unique to your organization and your industry. Our team does not provide prescriptive recommendations. We work alongside you as an advisor to balance our data-driven insights with an understanding of your marketplace to collaboratively uncover ways to help you grow and operate more efficiently. We have worked with a diverse set of clients including retail manufacturers, consumer brands with over $500M in revenue, and leaders in higher education.

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