Media Relations

“The brands that win are the brands that tell a great story” – Mitch Joel  

We think and remember in stories. Our Walk West team has decades of journalism and media relations experience to put to work for you. We understand news value, and the elements of a good story. The one thing we will never do is look to the obvious. Ever. Stories of impact live with customers, communities and personal stories.

Cracking the Communications Code

The Walk West team puts your customer at the center of the story. How do we do it? We are problem solvers and storytellers who look to data for direction. Data will drive your PR strategy from the very beginning. Why guess when there is data to prove it?



At the heart of all public relations programs is third-party validation. Back in the day, media relations used to be the main focus area. Now, it has some serious strategic company. The paid, earned, shared and owned (PESO) model drives our work everyday.

And, our team knows how to create a custom and efficient mix of digital and traditional communications strategies for our clients.

As proactive communicators, we are focused on creating points of relevancy. Why should anyone care? Not every event or product will be news by itself. But, when woven together in a strategic way, the news becomes meaningful and impactful. We look at the strategic messages behind the news to get your stories included within industry narratives, current events and community stories of impact.

Proactive public relations will generate third-party validation that can be used across all digital assets to make your firm more competitive, strengthen your company’s industry position, and shorten the sales cycle.

Business Storytelling

To effectively communicate a range of stories in interesting and remarkable ways, we work to uncover the true news value, and then determine how to best tell various angles of those stories in different places.

We develop business stories that:

  • Share Emotion: Visual storytelling is a key component to our work. Our talented in-house and award-winning video production team creates impactful visual storytelling to convey emotion to inform, educate and drive people to act.
  • Use Facts to Show Impact: Our team produces infographics and social images to tell stories that inform and engage.
  • Produce Consistency: We include multiple messengers to share consistent narratives across earned, owned and shared channels for clients. These might include Op-eds, news announcements or video shorts to proactively create content around priority issues.
  • Drive the Conversation: Our digital team not only identifies the key elements of current news and online conversations, but helps pinpoint opportunities for emerging issues that place our clients firmly in the discussion.
  • Point to a Larger Issue: Walk West clients contribute valuable perspective and data about issues that are impacting their industries. From speaker placement, to industry studies and thought leadership, we help put our clients
  • Get Measured: As the saying goes, “if you can’t measure it, it doesn’t exist.”

Partner with us to put our award-winning journalism and public relations knowledge to work for you.

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