Crisis Media Coaching

Tell it all, tell it fast, and tell it yourself.

It’s Saturday morning. Your phone goes off. You have 30 text messages about any one of these topics:


  • A high-level executive was just charged with fraud
  • A raging fire is creating a hazardous environment for a nearby community
  • There was a sudden death on company property
  • Guests were hurt at a theme park
  • There has been an online security breach
  • A damaging Tweet has been picked up by every major news outlet
  • An patient has filed a lawsuit against the assisted living facility
  • Dozens of people are sick from using your product
  • An active shooter situation has shut down all university operations

Proactive, Prepare, and Plan

Knowing how to proactively communicate the facts at-hand, and manage the expectations of the media and publics are crucial skills to maintain corporate trust.

Our Emmy award-winning team of news journalists has covered hundreds of breaking news stories, and crisis situations. They know the questions that news reporters will ask your executives about any given situation. We are here to put our news industry knowledge to work for you.

The Walk West team coaches executives on strong presence, delivering clear and concise messages, and maintaining control of the facts. Ideally, before any crisis takes place, our team will create a custom communications workshop to coach through either a mock crisis, or a current crisis situation. We will share best practices for media interviews, and teach executives how to create responses that are informative and on-message.

We will record your executives on video and conduct mock interviews to role play various situations and interviews techniques. Let us help prepare your firm for its next crisis with crisis media coaching.

Prepare Your Firm For Its Next Crisis

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