Public Relations

Effective storytelling is a competitive advantage for companies. The ability to communicate relevancy is critical for businesses in order to attract investment, develop partnerships and grow market share. An effective public relations strategy not only produces strong narratives for each stakeholder audience, but it drives people to take action.

Your Story is a Business Strategy

Have you ever said, “We are growing and our customers love us, but no one knows about it.” You are not alone. Often times, it’s your competitors who are getting investor interest and closing new accounts with the help of media coverage and attention from industry influencers that matter to their industry.

Why? Because that competitor has woven strategic communications into their business strategy.

You Are Better Than That

At Walk West, we understand the role that public relations plays in a successful strategic business plan. Our team knows how to create impactful messages and relevant narratives that translate into news stories that help shorten the sales cycle. From global brands to high-growth companies, our work has helped accelerate growth for our clients.

Our strategic communications team has decades of media relations and Emmy award-winning  journalism experience that will be put to work for you. We have generated local, regional and national media coverage that has helped global brands, high-growth companies and every size company in-between achieve their business goals.


To best frame our PR strategy, we look through a digital lense to inform all of our strategic messaging, proactive story development, and content development. And, our curious minds keep us asking questions to develop strong narratives and points-of-view that position clients firmly within disruptive trends, innovation and issues of importance to grow their business.

Communicating the impact of what is happening now – while at the same time – looking over the horizon has never been more important. From energy to insurance, and finance to entrepreneurs, our work provides a roadmap for our clients to communicate towards the achievement of their business goals.

What's Next?

It is not uncommon for the corporate public relations team or industry professionals to get branded as the ‘spin doctors’ or the people who will ‘fix a PR problem.’ While we always need to be prepared for the unexpected, public relations is not reactive. It is an absolute proactive mindset. As communicators, it is crucial to always be thinking ahead of the curve. Looking at what’s next has never been more crucial to business success.

At Walk West, we are not only looking beyond the horizon for clients, we are using digital tools to help them discover new markets, products and ways to grow their business.

To be most effective for our clients, we use a mix of digital and traditional research and communications strategies to tell impactful stories to people who care about those issues.

As storytellers, we believe the most important part of creating a story is to listen first – and then tell. We look at a range of data, listen to our clients and take a hard look at factors driving growth in their industry. We ask a lot of questions to understand the key elements of your story: conflict, options for a resolution, and path forward for our clients.

How We Help

Effective public relations helps clients achieve business goals. From the start, we work with clients to focus on priority goals such as: positioning them for a possible acquisition; breaking into new service offerings; or expanding market share in new regions, among others.

Strong strategic communications and public relations tactics will:

  • Identify business gaps: Our strategy team uses data insights, and Ivy League know-how to conduct a strategy MRI for your business that includes customer personas, a journey map and recommendations
  • Position clients as essential resources within their industries: Thought leadership platform
  • Develop industry relationships of impact: Influencer research and outreach
  • Generate third-party validation: Proactive media outreach
  • Establish a clear point-of-view: Op-ed and viewpoint development
  • Create industry data and metrics that drive conversations: Proprietary research, digital insights
  • Provide high-level visibility for corporate, social and responsibility (CSR) initiatives: Livestreaming and Facebook live broadcasts
  • Leverage industry knowledge: Speaker placement
  • Proactively plan for the unknown: Crisis communications
  • Educate targeted groups about industry pain-points: Native advertising, sponsored social and search
  • Engage audiences around an issue: Social media

Our national and regional clients alike have seen very different outcomes using our integrated and data-driven approach to communications.

Industries are transforming. Competition is fierce. Being proactive matters. Clear communication is crucial.

You can:

  • Better compete with your peers
  • Shorten the sales cycle
  • Integrate effective communications into your business strategy

Our Walk West team can’t wait to help you do it.

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