Digital Advocacy Campaigns

At Walk West, we realize that lobbying alone may not move the needle to create awareness on an issue or influence public opinion. By merging traditional issue advocacy approaches with digital methods, our seasoned digital marketing agency team is more than capable of delivering results on your campaign. Let our team help you tackle your next project with digital advocacy.

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Battle Legislation Digitally

Harnessing the power of the crowd can be the tool that makes the difference between legislative success and failure. Our battle tested team brings a campaign-style approach to creating swells of grassroots influence that can be activated quickly and efficiently.

Issues That Matter

When battling legislative issues that threaten business or associations, it’s always easier to have the public on your side. Creating digital armies of individuals who are ready to carry the banner on behalf of your issue changes the environment of how elected individuals perceive your side of the story. At Walk West, we have a tried-and-true methodology to create and mobilize citizens to carry your message towards legislative success.

Creating an Army

Every issue needs champions. Every lobbyist can use public support behind an issue to educate and inform decision-makers at all levels. Creating these grassroots audiences takes careful planning and expert implementation to engage the public. And not just anyone and everyone. The right people who are especially poised to engage with their elected representatives.

These armies, once created, can be utilized with precision to ensure that legislative outcomes are properly met. At Walk West, we’ve assembled these audiences and coalesced them around issues to drive home legislative victory.

Mobilizing the Army

Once created, your grassroots audience needs to be encouraged to act. These actions come in various forms from attending town halls, to calling or emailing representatives and senators, to spreading the word on Facebook and Twitter. When the time is right and with the right message to the right people, you can harness the power of the public to shed light on what’s happening in capitols around the country and create an environment where engagement with their elected officials occurs organically.


Walk West has the expertise needed to make this happen from lobbyists to digital professionals who work hand-in-hand to ensure your issue wins the day.

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