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The art and science of SEO is about understanding people over understanding machines. While the latter is still important, our SEO practice is anchored by technologists with a large dose of psychology.

Our Approach

Search engine optimization requires exacting skill. The algorithms are ever-changing, involve more than 200 signals affecting search engine ranking pages or position (SERP), and now rely on the Google RankBrain machine-learning artificial intelligence system to help process search results. As a result, quality SEO is no longer a disjointed process, but rather, an intuitively translated, human-to-search-engine conversation.

Our Walk West humans have the multilingual SEO mastery to learn and adapt as new components are being added to the algorithm. Like our artificial intelligence counterparts, we know how to acquire knowledge, both from being taught and from expanding on what we already know, and making new connections to stay competitive.

Let Walk West dive into your customer search behaviors to develop an SEO plan that brings your brand to the top every time.

By Humans, For Humans

See, the incredibly laborious SEO stuff like keyword research, monitoring, image – ALT tag – meta tag optimization, 301s, off-site link building, internal linking (see, we’re SEO’ing right now!) – we’ve always done those for humans rather than computers. We know that search algorithms are trying to figure out what humans are trying to do. Why optimize for robots, who are trying to imitate humans, when you could just optimize for humans?

This approach and a suite of powerful SEO tools allow us to find the best converting, highest buyer-intent keywords for your business; and then rank you at the top spots for them.

In fact, we do it so well that one of our customers recently ended up being a case study on Marketing Sherpa. (Spoiler alert: 97% increase in organic traffic.)

Search engine rankings are your natural presence on the web, and are the cornerstone of any digital marketing strategy. We know how to get them for you.

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