It’s easy to get on the first page of Google. Bid enough and you’ll get there. But paid search advertising is a tremendous way to burn a lot of money fast. Our PPC professionals understand the methodology of create, test, and optimize and have a history of reducing costs-per-lead by hundreds of percents for an ROI that you can literally take to the bank.

Paid Search Advertising

Pay per click search advertising (Google AdWords and Bing AdCenter) can be an enormously effective way of reaching and converting audiences. With PPC, you control everything – search terms, cost per click, locations, audiences, remarketing, and so much more. This lets you tailor any campaign to your exact intended audience, for your exact intended results.

It can be a little confusing, and for many, totally overwhelming.


Retargeting is showing ads all over the internet to people who have already been on your site, to always keep you at the top of your audience’s minds. We utilize it in every campaign we run.


At Walk West, we are obsessed with diving deep and measuring everything. Which is great, because with the huge amount of data and options Google AdWords and Analytics gives you, the game is permanently rigged towards the obsessive type.

Any PPC/AdWords management at Walk West starts with questioning what we want users to do on the website, and then making sure we are tracking those actions. Then we jump onto AdWords. We make 100% use of all tools Google gives us (… and a few secret ones) and build a campaign optimized for bidding strategies, ad spend, ad copy, audience targeting, ad extensions, and a few billion other things.


And that’s where it all starts. We start collecting data and incorporating it into the campaigns. We combine AdWords and Analytics data to A/B (and C/D/E/F/G) tests for ad copies, take the best performing ones and throw away the rest, conduct search query studies to see which queries are leading to desired actions and promote them, add more extensions, change bids, and even make website UX recommendations based on what we’re seeing.

It’s a never ending quest for perfection, always resulting in increased effectiveness and lower spend per conversion. Combine it with search engine optimization, and you’ve effectively taken over Google.

There’s no advertising avenue that allows for better targeting and control over campaigns. Let’s do it.

Managed, Measured, and Magical