Live Event Activation

Globally, companies are projected to spend one-fifth of their marketing budget on live events this year, and for good reason. Consumers are demanding experiences, especially those that are unique and personalized in real life. However, if a live event happens in a vacuum, it is similar to a tree falling in a forest with no one around. No one cares.

Amplify Your Event

It’s proven that brands that thoughtfully engage with users in real-time on social media receive more engagement. Enough engagement leads to conversion to purchase and referrals to your business. At Walk West, we combine the experience of attending a live event with the engagement and reach of social media to amplify any event and reach beyond on-site attendees.

Your Dream Team

The main reason brands hire Walk West for live event activation at their conference, concert, or festival is to have specialized resources and a dedicated, real-time content strategy. Our team acts as an extension of your brand – we study your voice, content, and tone. We seamlessly plug into your marketing team as a collaborative partner. No ego attached. Before your event, we understand your goals and objectives, then provide a comprehensive strategy and run-of-show document to illustrate how we’ll help you accomplish them — what content will be produced, when it will go out, and where it will live. Guidelines and approval around sample scenarios are agreed upon to keep us as nimble as possible.

Proving ROI

During the actual event, we hustle. Our team follows the agreed-upon plans to engage with attendees in real-time, and create a two-way dialogue by monitoring the conversation. Depending on your plan, we may produce premium content pieces, such as real-time infographics, photo or video capture, and livestream broadcast. The Walk West team can also execute on real-time giveaways and Q&As. Our efforts have proven consistently to drive a spike in your brand mentions and engagement. To prove the value of your investment, we produce a post-event summary report to illustrate how we met your goals.

Let's Do It Live

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