Email Marketing

Email marketing is a vital activity for nearly every brand to stay top of mind with prospective buyers. While it previously had been used as a strong tool for awareness building, we currently focus on email as an additional touchpoint to help progress a prospect through the sales funnel, both pre- and post-purchase.  By creating these sustained email campaigns, we’re able to actively steer a prospect from awareness >> interest >> consideration >> preference, and on to purchase. Once the sale has been made, we then leverage email and the new customer relationship to solidify satisfaction, build loyalty, and inspire advocates to make referrals.


Email Marketing Campaign Analysis

Any Walk West email marketing program begins with an audit of existing and previous campaigns:

  • Email send archive
  • Target lists and list segmentation
  • Campaign schedules (seasonality, time of month, day of week and time of day)
  • Campaign analytics
  • Technical setup
  • Email service provider and automation campaigns
  • Creative design and layout
  • Content strategy including type and effectiveness and content mapping to personas
  • The integration of email campaigns with other digital assets (e.g., Facebook newsletter signup)
  • Email deliverability (spam, bounces, etc.) and authentication (DMARC) issues
  • Granular subscribe and unsubscribe approaches

Through this audit, we identify what has worked and what hasn’t worked, and where the inconsistencies are. We place heavy emphasis on previously successful emails (and the links within) that received high click-through-rates, to determine which content pieces have performed best. Particular attention is paid to previously successful subject lines and pre-header text, as these strongly impact open rates, as well.

Test and Test Again

Once we have learned everything we can about previous and current email marketing efforts, we build an email campaign plan that incorporates significant testing. We A/B test various email hypotheses to determine best practices for each of the variables, such as days and times for send-out, and the best-performing content to increase both open and click-through rates.

Like our overall marketing approach, we use hard facts and reliable data to make informed decisions about your custom strategy.

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