Digital Launch Strategy

Just because you post it, does not mean they will engage. Social media isn’t like Field of Dreams. You have to earn and pay for the majority of the attention you receive online. Some social media channels only serve your content up to as low as 2% of your following organically.

The Right Eyeballs

Now more than ever, you need a plan to launch your campaign, video, website, or event online. At Walk West, we specialize in getting eyeballs on your message, the right eyeballs. Our team uses a multi-channel distribution strategy with proper targeting to ensure engagement from those who care most. Our process includes working with your team to outline business objectives, target demographics, and an ecosystem on how all the launch plan elements work together. Our digital launch plans are a coordinated, calculated dance to achieve success. More importantly, we introduce new elements to make your message go further.

Story Extensions

Attention spans online are less than that of a goldfish. When users have an endless supply of content to engage in, you have to make sure your brand message has longevity and cuts the noise. Our strategists are expert storytellers with the ability to pull threads out from your core message to create extensions and stay in the conversation longer. Story extensions could include dynamic content pieces, influencer engagement, live broadcast, social media takeovers, paid media support, and more. Our team brainstorms directly with your team to determine what makes the most sense and will have the most impact. From there we create a run of show timeline and checkpoints to optimize along the way. All our extensions are designed to support the main launch message and objective for the brand. They are also designed for users to see the same message through different mediums to


After your launch has occurred, we pour over the initial numbers and determine how we can gain more of your business objectives. We rely on organic performance to inform paid spend for our story extensions and overall messaging. Our ability to be nimble with your launch plan allows us to give the most value for your investment. Our social media listening tools also give us direction on tone and messaging through emotional sentiment analysis and volume of conversation. We are able to measure the share of voice for your brand as well as against your competitors. Walk West wraps all digital launch plans with overall analytics as well as performance by channel, message, and activity. Our insights spill into recommendations for future campaigns and on-going activities.

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