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While it’s hard to connect data and design, our agency process has created a framework for doing just that. Beautiful design is pointless if it doesn’t convert. We make sure that our designs look as good as they perform.

Data Informed

The judging of creative ideas and design tends to be rather subjective in nature, but on Walk West projects we’ve stacked the deck with data. The UX of a website might provide the structure to a beautiful design the same way a big, crazy idea might seem to come from random inspiration, but if we created it, data drove the creative process. If strategy is our first step, the data we gather lives at every step after that.

A few examples of data informing creative pursuits:

  • Data-driven design is how we create websites that look beautiful, but perform even better. Then we use live website analytics to iterate and optimize a website even further with Growth-Driven Design.
  • With video production, we look for patterns that develop over time, and with hundreds of videos and commercials under our collective belts, we have learned what is the most effective. Equally  important, we have learned what isn’t. There’s a distinct formula to a successful video that never delivers as formulaic.
  • With logo development, we take the wisdom of the crowd and pair it with the design expertise of our creative team. This generates both quality and quantity to identify the brand mark that best matches the brand. While data doesn’t drive this process in quite the same way, the educated guesses of hundreds of designers armed with the why of a brand certainly provides a more validated direction than a single designer charting the course.

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