Brand Strategy

Defining a brand position is the one process at Walk West that is not informed by deep research into the audience. Brands are not defined by external perceptions. Every brand starts from the core of an organization and radiates out through employees and all of the customer touchpoints. It’s the “why” of a brand and the overall approach is based on The Golden Circle and Start With Why from Simon Sinek.

Purpose For Being

We start our brand strategy process by identifying the why – the purpose for being – and that takes the form of a facilitated session with company founders and executives. Once we have a clear understanding of a brand’s purpose from those who created it, we develop a plan for how to express that brand to the world. We seek a simple, memorable definition of the brand that is immediately clear to the audience. Whether it’s developing a logo or crafting a fully integrated marketing plan, every touchpoint and tactic must be an accurate expression of the brand and a way to connect it to the audience.


What Does Your Brand Stand For?

Start With Hi