We Are Walk West

Walk West was created in 2007 as O3 Creative. We started out as a small team building beautiful websites and have since grown into a full-service agency of 36 people with a digital-first mindset. But to know about us as an agency, it’s important to know who we are. Take a read through what we believe and see how we like to work. If you share similar beliefs, we’d love to partner with you.

We are greater than the sum of our parts.

You are the expert on your business—you eat, sleep, and breathe it. We are experts in our field—we eat, sleep, and breathe it. Together, we’ll create something exponentially greater than what either of us can do alone.

We do what we say we’ll do.

Accountability builds trust, and trust is the foundation of everything we do. We are accountable to you and your goals. Which means we don’t say yes every time. We say yes to the things we can do. Because the things we do, we do really well.

We wonder.

Curiosity is the spark that keeps us learning, growing, pushing limits—no matter how long we’ve been in this business. We only hire people that have it, and we cultivate it as a company. We are always curious about your business, the market, your audience, and new ideas. At Walk West, we wonder.

We can’t heal what is hidden.

At Walk West, we practice transparency. We tell the truth about what we find during discovery, about what we think is your best next move, about what we can do and what we can’t. We tell the truth to our clients, and to each other. We believe that the fastest, healthiest way to a solution is through transparency—so much that we’ve built a culture on accountability and care.

We’re great at running Plan B.

Here’s what we know: the minute we think it’s all figured out, something changes. The market shifts. The algorithm updates. And so we tinker. We adapt. We enthusiastically swap tasks, dollars, gears, and seats to get to the thing we’re both after—your goal. We are not discouraged by the possibility of running Plan B. We expect it.

We give a damn.

We believe that before anything, we are humans first. For us, that means following the Golden Rule, standing up for what we believe in, and taking care of each other and the world around us. We care if our client has a big goal to hit. If a colleague is up against a deadline. If a piece of work has our name on it. It all matters to us. Caring is the thread that connects us to everything we do—it’s the reason we work so hard to do it well.

Come Take A Walk With Us

We’re forging a new path where innovation, enthusiasm and experience merge. A new way of doing business. We set out to create a new model for a marketing agency. One built to leverage the power of digital to connect with the audience and sway their opinion, whether it’s a purchase or a vote.

Our Approach

Choose A New Direction

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