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Brian Phillips

VP, Creative Director

Brian is a dad and husband, a wannabe chef, and also a Creative Director who helps brands bring their visions to life. A creative with 20 years of experience in pharmaceutical and technology industries, Brian brings a visionary approach to his work and how he interacts with brands.

His journey started in the frigid cold of Syracuse University, where he learned how to give brands a voice through visual expression, as well as the art of downhill skiing.

Whether it’s digital or traditional media, Brian brings his passion for branding and ideation into everything he touches. He’s a free thinker with a meticulous eye for detail, ready to take the helm for any brand to help execute their creative ideas and objectives. Brian’s design philosophy? A strong belief that strong creative can live on its own without unnecessary filigree or ornamental type. 

When he’s not working (or acting as a short-order cook for his family), Brian is designing beer labels for local breweries.