Brian Onorio


That Guy That Likes Monday’s (seriously).

Walk West founder Brian Onorio started his career on roller-skates. He was a carhop at Sonic as a teenager and believes that working in the food service industry is something every teenager should do, as it enforces accountability. That lesson in accountability helped shape Brian into a professional with a plan — to create a nationally recognized agency that works with the right client partners. Partners who are unafraid to do things differently; those that he can help change the world with. Speaking of being unafraid, if Brian were on a reality TV show, it would be ‘Naked and Afraid’ and he says he wouldn’t be afraid. Brian claims Monday is his favorite day of the week. Weird, yes. “If you look at Monday from a different perspective, you may see what I mean. It’s a blank canvas for your week. What do you want to do by the weekend? It starts on Monday.” 20 years later, he’s still balancing multiple menu items on a tray, they’re just projects instead of burgers. 

How does Brian #ForgeAhead: By giving 110% to everything I do – work, home, and Peloton.

More About Brian

Founding Walk West in 2007, Brian has successfully curated his technical, creative and leadership skills into a uniquely agile, innovative, partner-centric agency. Corporate-speak descriptors like “team player” and “not afraid to get his hands dirty” don’t do justice to Brian’s genuine, passionate commitment to the success of the company, its employees and the clients that Walk West serves. He’s been the driving force behind the continued and sustainable growth the company has experienced, without jeopardizing the quality of the services the firm offers.

If we do two things right, it should be our work and how we interact with people.

Brian hired the company’s first full-time team member in 2011, which spurred a pattern of double-digit annual growth in the years following. In 2015, Walk West really hit its stride, tripling its revenue and growing from 2 to 24 employees in a span of 20 months. In 2017, the merger with Greenroom Communications put the company, once again, on a goal-busting trajectory. Under Brian’s stewardship, the company has been internationally recognized for its distinct approach to digital presences, stretching far beyond the limits of thoughtless, commoditized, and templated products and services.

Brian, his wife, Laurie, and their three children, Ethan, Oliver, and Mirabel, reside in Raleigh, NC, where Brian attended North Carolina State University years before, studying Computer Science and Economics. As a John T. Caldwell Fellow at NC State (and subsequent Vice President of the Caldwell Fellows Alumni Society), Brian embodies the program’s tenets to learn, grow and serve others. His multiple industry awards from AVA, Marcom, and Hermes Associations, as well as the 2017 Triangle Business Journal’s “40 Under 40” Award, exemplify how he has valued and applied those same servant-leader traits throughout his career.

Although Brian humbly describes his methodology for success as mere scrappiness and sleep-deprivation, it is clear that his top tier standards of honesty, quality, and cautious growth-scale-risk assessment are the fuel that powers the thriving Walk West machine.