Donald Thompson


Starting Companies Is His Hobby.

CEO and President Donald Thompson is driven to be an example to others through his actions by showing that success comes to people willing to pay its price. That’s why he enjoys giving back by providing advice and strategic direction to the young entrepreneurs he calls ‘dream chasers’. As the leader of the Walk West team, Donald believes that peer pressure can and should serve as a strength. That thinking has made him a leader that holds high expectations while offering a strong support system, allowing employees the opportunity to do and become more than they expected. When asked what advice he’d give his younger self, he said, “dream bigger!”

How does Donald #ForgeAhead: Surrounds himself with smart and quirky people that talk more about the future than the past; people that believe in themselves enough to focus on helping others win.

More About Donald

With two decades of experience growing and leading firms, Donald Thompson is a thought leader on goal achievement, influencing company culture and driving exponential growth. As an entrepreneur, Donald has led companies, growing revenue on average at 30% year over year and attaining successful exits with strong returns for shareholders and employees.

Donald is currently CEO of Walk West, where he leads strategy, partnerships and is currently heading business development for the firm. Donald takes pride in Walk West’s diversity and inclusion initiatives, with 80% of its leaders being women or minorities. One of his key initiatives is to continue the Walk West transformation into a digital consultancy that provides strategic thinking to clients across the marketing landscape with an implementation architecture that defines winning as measurable business outcomes for our clients. 

In addition, Donald is an angel investor investing over a million dollars in North Carolina business startups.  He serves on boards for several organizations in the fields of technology, marketing, sports and entertainment and is an emeritus member of the NCSU computer science department strategic advisory board and a mentor for Google for Entrepreneurs Exchange.  A member of the National Speakers Association, Donald is a keynote speaker sharing actionable insights and strategies across key functions of business strategy, entrepreneurship, leadership development, and diversity and inclusion in the workplace.  
Donald has written for multiple publications including and and has published his own eBooks on decision making and diversity. He is currently authoring his autobiography, Underestimated: A CEO’s Unlikely Path to Success. To learn more, visit