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Engineering Series: Growth Driven Design in the Agency Space

Engineering Series: Growth Driven Design in the Agency Space
I have an interesting background as Founder and a CEO of a marketing, advertising, and design agency. My educational background isn’t marketing or advertising, nor is it an adjacent discipline like journalism or communications. I got my degree in Computer Science from NC State’s College of Engineering, and that engineering background has brought about an interesting perspective from business ownership and strategy to tactical fulfillment on the operations end.

We also have two other engineers in the top ranks of our leadership. Kurt Merriweather has a degree in Electrical Engineering from the Ohio State University, and Jon Yildiz has a degree in Chemical Engineering from Boğaziçi University in Istanbul, Turkey. Each of us brings a distinct approach to our agency and one that benefits our clients as a whole.

We each hold a strong belief in data and not guesses. As a discipline, engineering is about being right or wrong. It’s black or white. It’s true the marketing and advertising world is full of grey, but being motivated by data first is a differentiator that is baked into our DNA. To the engineer, it’s about the right sequence. The right process. It’s why we’re strong believers in Growth Driven Design and why our Strategy and Marketing practices flourish.

Engineering Series: I Am an Engineer, and I Love Data – Director of Growth, Jon Yildiz

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