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1st Annual Walk Westie Awards

1st Annual Walk Westie Awards
Walk West has undergone tremendous growth throughout 2015 and 2016. It is amazing to think that in January of 2015, we were a crew of two people. Fast forward to January 2017 and we’re 24 strong. This is in large part a byproduct of the Walk West Leadership Team and the amazing individuals who come together everyday to form a strong agency core. What we’re doing at Walk West is nothing short of amazing from the clients we serve, the projects we perform, and the people who call Walk West home.

A Year of Change

As many of you may know, O3 Creative officially became Walk West back in September. Our team strategized, planned, and executed the rollout with great success. The brand we’ve created will be the vehicle that continues our incredible year-over-year growth.

This year, we also introduced our Government and Public Affairs practice lead by Laurie Onorio, whose independent firm became a part of Walk West. Collectively, our agency is able to operate across the digital spectrum from strategy, marketing, and public affairs.

Newcomers To Walk West

In yet another year of growth, we’ve added to the already fantastic core of Walk West. This year, we welcomed the following individuals to Walk West:

  • Chris Austin, Partner / VP, Marketing
  • Laurie Onorio, Partner / VP, Government Affairs
  • Kurt Merriweather, Director of Strategy
  • Adam Sentner, Senior Product Architect
  • Ryan Scotton, Senior Web Developer
  • Janel Sheehan, Art Director
  • Michael Dowd, Senior Marketing Strategist
  • Phill Thompson, Senior Marketing Strategist
  • Laura Puryear, Associate Director of Government Affairs
  • Melissa Vega, Marketing Specialist
  • Christina Pace, Project Manager
  • Sophie Waller, Project Coordinator
  • Stephanie Fois, Project Coordinator

Walk Westie Award Presentation

To celebrate the successes of 2016, we recognized five individuals who were recipients in the first annual Walk Westie Awards. These individuals contribute to our team both professionally and personally. It was my honor to award each of these bright stars during our annual Holiday Party.

Rookie of the Year Award

The Rookie of the Year Award is presented to an individual who has been at Walk West for less than a year but whose impact supersedes the short time he or she has been with us. This year’s Rookie of the Year Award is presented to Melissa Vega who transformed her internship into a full-time job this summer.

Level Up Award

The Level Up Award is presented to the person who has grown the most over the past 12 months. This award recognizes strong work ethic and an ability to learn, adapt, and produce the kind of award-winning work Walk West prides itself on. This year’s Level Up Award is presented to Jose Mireles who continues to improve his work each and every day he’s at the office.

Sunshine Award

The Sunshine Award represents the essence of positivity that is brought into the office every day. Even on the trying days, this person brings class and grace to every client served and every team member interacted with. This year’s Sunshine Award is presented to Kristina Walker who leaves her mark on Walk West with every interaction she has.

Leadership Award

The Leadership Award is presented to the person who takes charge and solves problems even when that problem isn’t under their supervision. This award is presented to a person who never sees a challenge as something that can’t be overcome. This year’s Leadership Award is presented to Casey Overcash for reasons that are felt both inside and outside the walls of Walk West.

Unsung Hero

The Unsung Hero is the person who is always in the trenches and who works everyday to benefit those around them. This person rarely asks for credit and almost always works outside of the spotlight. It’s time to shine that spotlight. This year’s Unsung Hero Award is presented to Christina Pace who managed a move to a new office along with the details of her day-to-day job.

Employee of the Year

The Employee of the Year is the person who brings everything to the table and leaves nothing undone. This person exemplifies what it means to be a team member at Walk West. At every moment, this person recognizes the value of our clients and the value our employees bring every day. This year’s Employee of the Year is presented to Kristina Walker – and for those who have interacted with Kristina personally or professionally, you’ll certainly understand how deserved this award truly is.

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