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Walk West Launches The Diversity Movement

Walk West Launches The Diversity Movement

The Diversity Movement is advancing diversity and inclusion (D&I) efforts for organizations seeking to create sustainable business.

Walk West, recognized as the fastest-growing agency in North Carolina by Inc for 2018 and 2019, is expanding again with the launch of The Diversity Movement (TDM). The Diversity Movement was created by a core team of innovators at Walk West through collaboration with an international group of diversity practitioners, business experts and marketing leaders. It provides a comprehensive set of online courses, videos, podcasts, events and consulting offerings to both equip individuals with the cultural readiness to thrive in a global market and empower organizations endeavoring to embed D&I into the core of doing business. In addition, The Diversity Movement enables multicultural marketing review to be added to Walk West’s expansive list of capabilities.

“Walk West partners with organizations who are looking to challenge traditional methods to more effectively reach customers and key stakeholders,” noted Donald Thompson, entrepreneur and CEO of Walk West. “As we have worked with clients to help them build brands, marketing strategies and plans, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) has become an increasingly important element of creating business value. Being able to build resilient, high-performing teams to drive innovation is a source of competitive advantage.”

The Diversity Movement leaders have invested in comprehensive training and certifications to successfully lead these initiatives. “Modern-day sustainability efforts are defined by the extent to which an organization invests in Diversity and inclusion,” explained Leah Smiley, President of Institute for Diversity Certification. “By earning the Certified Diversity Executive designation through our intensive credentialing system, The Diversity Movement leadership team has developed the competencies necessary to guide organizations through the process of connecting D&I interventions to future business outcomes.”

To build the foundation for its D&I offerings, The Diversity Movement has launched a private beta of Diversity: Beyond The Checkbox, an online, self-guided course designed to help organizations lay the foundation for success in connecting D&I efforts to achieving measurable and significant business outcomes. The online course will be available for pre-sales beginning April 20th at Over the coming months, The Diversity Movement will expand its suite of offerings and network of partnerships to meet the wide range of needs clients have to move their organizations forward and create more inclusive cultures and experience stronger business returns. To start a conversation about how to help your organization achieve better results from diverse and inclusive practices, contact us here.

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