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Hiring a Small Agency for Big Results

Hiring a Small Agency for Big Results

As a small boutique firm, Walk West, (formerly Greenroom Communications), has the unique ability to quickly adapt to the needs of our marketing clients. We follow our gut. We think outside the box. We’re not afraid to try guerrilla tactics to deliver the results your brand needs. We’re like your own little army of Olivia Popes.

when-she-somehow-handles-another-crisis olivia pope

Our bull-pen environment applies an all-hands-on-deck workforce to each project. We shout ideas across the room. We text light bulb moments to each other 24/7. We raise these client project babies as our own, from conception to graduation to their pride-filled release out into the world. Each one of us lends our individual expertise to the collaborative success of your brand.

Hiring an outside marketing firm is an investment, a leap of faith. We get that. But partnering with a smaller shop like Walk West, (formerly Greenroom Communications), allows you to stay involved and get your hands dirty when and where you want to. Like any successful marriage, we build our relationship with you on ego-free communication and compromise, flexibility and shared successes. We want you to be secure in your decision to grow and partner with us for the long run. And that’s a priceless security net that allows you to do what you do best – manage your business. And the rest? Consider it handled.

Like the big guys, we apply tried & true marketing strategies to fulfill your ROI and brand awareness goals. But as a small firm, we give individualized attention to your project, with dedicated focus. No schedule juggling or borrowed resources – just a simple (but completely non-creepy) obsession with you. Our innovative team of content creators, digital strategists, graphic designers and jacks-of-all-trades communicates effectively to dream up shareable campaigns that have witty, viral potential. (Need a standard-issue corporate video? Don’t worry – we’re great at that, too). Whether you’re looking for “different” or “safe”, “outside the box” or “completely square,” our small team makes it happen. In great big ways.

Forbes recently wrote an article about the perks of a small agency vs. a big name company. And Adage published a similar report about small agencies crushing bigger ones when it comes to flexible, fresh ideas. The marketing world is shouting from the rooftops about “small vs. big”, and the collective noise lauds the boutique agency for its creative office culture, risk-taking ideas, judgment-free brainstorms, and expressive revolutions. All for the benefit of your brand. It’s a no-brainer, really.

Look, everyone wants to stand out. Everyone wants to break the norm. Everyone wants to present their shiniest campaign to the world. But we’re willing to bet that the ones who end up on top are the ones who took that extra leap of faith. And we want you to feel confident in the exhilarating leap to choose Walk West, (formerly Greenroom Communications), as your small-firm marketing partner, whom you trust to launch your biggest brand dreams.


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