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TheShow Live Stream Event with Mitch Jackson, Jennifer Hoverstad, and Guest Bryan Kramer

[lead]Every Monday at 2 p.m. EST, I have the pleasure to interview world-famous live streaming thought leaders on TheShow.Live, which is recorded in front of a live virtual audience via[/lead]
This week, my co-host, Mitch Jackson, and I interviewed “Shareology” author and PureMatter CEO, Bryan Kramer.

In 2014, Bryan’s well-known TED Talk inspired millions across 10 countries on the power of sharing content. In this presentation, Bryan outlines his low-point in owning his own company and still not wanting to work there. In talking about the process of personal branding and re-branding, he was able to connect with people, learn, and share that experience. Social sharing now serves as one of Bryan’s main motivators and success generators.

In today’s show, Bryan continued to motivate our audience with his insight on the future of live stream channels and his personal experiences in the world of social media.

Most surprising to me? Bryan is on many social channels, but a relatively small percentage of his audience actually reaches out to him through direct messaging. Yes – Bryan wants to personally connect with his audience, but, for a variety of assumed reasons, people think Bryan doesn’t want to hear from them.

Bryan gave us many examples of people he’s now friends with because they connected on social media.

The takeaway? Be encouraged to reach out to those people you follow on social media – whether big name or unknown. Those people likely want to hear from you! As Bryan will tell you, it’s all about the Human to Human (#H2H) connection. 

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