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WordPress Freebie: Custom Post Type Generator

WordPress Freebie: Custom Post Type Generator
Custom Post Types allow developers to extend WordPress to craft a completely customized content management system. It’s my favorite WordPress feature to come out in quite some time, and that’s not a knock on WordPress at all. Custom Post Types simply make my life as a developer, and more importantly, the life of our clients, easier. Check it out here.

What is the WordPress Custom Post Type Generator?

It’s a simple way to create the PHP code needed to create a new type of object for WordPress. For example, let’s say you were writing reviews on books. You already have WordPress native Posts and Pages at your disposal, but Posts are meant to be used for your blog and Pages are meant to be used for your static website content. You could create Post Categories and work around it that way, or you could use the Generator to create a new tab in WordPress specifically for Reviews.

While there are plugins available that achieve this, I always default to doing simple tasks simply. It doesn’t take a lot of code to create a Custom Post Type, so why overload your website with plugins that may be quickly out of date? Use the WordPress Custom Post Type Generator instead to future proof your types against plugin deprecation.

The audience who will find this useful is no doubt a web developer type. But if you’re poking around with WordPress and know a bit of HTML, CSS, and PHP, you may find that this makes the Custom Post Type generation a bit easier.

Happy post typin’!

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