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Web Design Process Part 3: Design

Web Design Process Part 3: Design

This article is Part 3 of a 5 Part series shedding some light into our Web Design Process. This article details what goes into the creative portion of a typical website build. You’ll learn how the Strategy & Research and Architecture & Prototyping all go into creating a successful design concept.

Now the fun begins. Parts 1 and 2 of this series may seem a little laborious and we still haven’t seen exactly “what” your new website will look like. Hold your horses though because the Design process is when creative shifts into high gear. We use the information gathered during the Strategy & Research Phase and the Architecture & Prototyping phase to get us where we can begin putting the glitz with the glamor.

Getting it right first

The Design process is lengthy and time-consuming. Sean Baker, O3’s artist extraordinaire, is a perfectionist. It’s one of his better qualities. Using all of our data, Sean carefully lays pixels to the screen. After countless hours of work in Photoshop – and many cups of highly caffeinated beverages, Sean produces a concept. We’ll pass this concept on to you for review.

You’ll see the email come across – and you’ll quickly clam up in anxious anticipation. Once you open the file we send, you will see a vision of things to come for your online brand! This concept will be a quick glimpse into what your website will soon become. You will immediately notice how closely the concept works within the Wireframe produced in Phase 2 and with the Strategy established in Phase 1. All of the content blocks are placed, design detail has been added, and the anxiousness dissipates into calm satisfaction! At least we hope.


Of course, we welcome your input into the concept. What you like, what you love, and what you could care less for are all carefully noted. With your critique in hand, we’ll go back to work on that file until you’re 100% satisfied. We’ll do this as many times as it takes to get your website right – by us and by you.

Alternate concepts

98% of the time, we’re able to hit the ball out of the ballpark on the first swing. And that’s not a brag – we put in the time along with you to lay out a sound strategy before ever drawing a pixel. The first concept should be a culmination of all of the hard work done by you and us. If the due diligence was done in Phase 1 and Phase 2, then Phase 3 will be a very natural process.

However, there are times where second and third concepts are needed. Sometimes we have clients who want to see a “light” version and a “dark version” of a website concept. Sometimes they’ll want a modern version and a grunge version. We typically will determine this up front and build in design time for each of these additional concepts.

Design approval

So what’s next? Once you’re 100% satisfied, say the words and we’ll move on to our next phase in the process: Development.

With a clear vision and a concrete concept in hand, we’re ready for the nerd stuff: Part 4 – Development.

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