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Walk West and Greenroom Communications Merge

Walk West and Greenroom Communications Merge

I’ve had a personal relationship with the partners at Greenroom for some time now. We’ve worked together on a few projects – and those projects turned into big conversations. Not long into our relationship, we began to talk about the things that business owners talk about. Those conversations often went to the opportunities that we saw for each business, prospects that we were in talks with, and strengths and potential of our teams.

Greenroom filled the service line opportunities that I knew we needed. Walk West just so happened to fill the service line opportunities that Greenroom needed, with very little overlap to go along.

Walk West and Greenroom together just made sense. Sharon McCloud, Penn Holderness, Kim Holderness, and I as well as advisors on both sides started charting the roadmap ahead. The more our conversations progressed, the more opportunity I saw for both of our teams.

Walk West Announces Merger with Greenroom Communications

Today, we’re officially announcing that Walk West and Greenroom have merged. What we have now is a combined agency that we can truly brand as a full service digital agency. For our clients, this means an all-inclusive approach that combines both agencies into a singular entity that can set strategy, build digital infrastructure, create demand, influence public opinion, and lift return on investment.

Walk West has grown our breadth of service in a meaningful way with a mindful approach. In May, we introduced a new partner, Laurie Onorio, to anchor our government and public affairs practice. In November, we introduced Kurt Merriweather as Director of Strategy to ensure that what we’re doing is done with precision and in line with our clients’ goals. This year, we’re introducing Sharon McCloud, an Emmy award winning journalist, as a partner at Walk West who will be bringing with her a team that has performed for clients such as UNC Rex Hospital, Fox Home Entertainment, H&R Block, Hasbro, Cisco, Red Hat, Lenovo, and SAS.

Sometimes, expansion of services brings dilution of deliverables. Not in our case. Our journey to create a best-in-class agency has come with a strategic approach that combines the premier attributes of each into a one powerful agency.

Together, Walk West and Greenroom form a combined team that merges the right experience from each complementary part. In doing so, Greenroom will become a part of Walk West and will assume the Walk West name and brand.

I’m excited about the opportunity that this merger creates and am thrilled to be working day-to-day with Sharon, her team, and for the advisory roles that Penn and Kim Holderness will play.

Welcoming the Greenroom Team

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