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Thursday Takeaways and Recap at #INBOUND15 by HubSpot

Thursday Takeaways and Recap at #INBOUND15 by HubSpot

Keynote Takeaway – Technology and Relationships

Aziz Ansari headlined this morning’s keynote where he talked in depth, while rather comedically, about how technology has transformed modern relationships. His book, Modern Romance, was co-written by renowned sociologist Eric Klinenberg who appeared aside Ansari during the keynote.

Tinder is a big topic of conversation for how technology has changed relationships. The smartphone application is often used as the very problem for how technology has transformed relationships for the worst. On the surface, that makes sense. It’s superficial and callous all at once. Swipe left if you’re not into a person’s picture or right if you are. There’s no additional criteria for evaluation aside from a photo.

Ansari, in his typically lighthearted manner, simply asked how that is different from how dating occurred before smartphones. You would go to a party and in your mind, swipe left or right. Tinder only streamlines the process.

Not all technology has made relationships better or deeper, but the point stands that technology has certainly transformed the process of partner selection.

You can read more in what is a surely a fun read by purchasing Modern Romance on Amazon.

What can we learn about consumers?

While Inbound is focused on marketing, there are many takeaways from the conference for businesses, regardless of your marketing strategy.

A common theme among sessions has been facts about today’s consumer:

According to Mitch Joel, this consumer is efficient and impermanent. Our consumers stream music instead of buying compact discs. Our consumers rent rooms in complete strangers’ homes instead of staying in a cookie cutter hotel. What does this mean for businesses? Technology merges with everyday. The computer is now the accessory while the smartphone is the information portal. Consumers are consciously deciding everything they buy, own, and engage with.

According to Jill Konrath, consumers are frazzled decision makers. We have to take their states of mind into account when we approach them with a new idea. Typically, when someone is thinking about 2,000 things at one time, he/she isn’t going to make the best decision.

According to Chris Brogan, consumers are real-time marketing ambassadors or business critics. Today’s consumer has the instant ability to take his/her experience live at a moment’s notice. As businesses, we have to be aware of this power and respect it. Always give the customer a stellar experience!

Most importantly, according to Twitter’s Anne Mercogliano, consumers desire interaction and engagement. They want to communicate in real-time with their favorite people and businesses. The folks in Anne’s @TwitterSmallBiz team make marketing beyond email a reality. On Twitter, businesses can engage their customers and share their expertise – people want to hear about it!

Bottom line? Always keep your customers in mind when making business decisions. Your customers matter!

Taking Part in a Boston Tradition

What would a trip to Boston be without a sampling of the Massachusetts state dessert? The Boston Cream Pie was invented in 1856 in the Parker House hotel, which happens to be the venue that housed the O3 delegation. After seeing tantalizing advertisements for the cream filled calorie buster, both Jennifer and I decided to give it a shot.

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