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TheShow.Live: What I Learned from Brian Fanzo

TheShow.Live: What I Learned from Brian Fanzo

I’ve known Brian Fanzo since I joined Blab in September 2015. Just a month later, I met him in-person when he spoke at the Triangle AMA lunch in Raleigh.

Brian understands the power of social media and live streaming, which is why Mitch Jackson and I knew we had to have him on our weekly Blab show, TheShow.Live.

Brian’s enthusiasm about his work is contagious and there are many things to be learned from his experiences.

You’ll need to watch the replay to take in all of the knowledge nuggets that Brian provided during the show, but here’s what I chewed on this week:

Let go of perfection.

Brian doesn’t take on a client if the client requires perfection or control. “No one is perfect. Control is an illusion,” Brian said. So what’s the key? A strategy.

Brian says the questions he asks himself are:

  • How do I give unique access to experiences?
  • How do I give unique access to people?
  • How do I give unique access to having conversations that you can’t have anywhere else?

Recognize that the rate of change is shifting.

Historically, a business would influence buying decisions. But now, with a plethora of social tools (and information) at eager fingertips, influencers are “looking more like customers.”

“Creators now have the power,” Brian pointed out. “Livestreaming, Snapchat, these video concepts…you now have the ability to tell your story like never before.”

But, Brian is quick to remind you that authenticity (or the lack thereof) will be picked up regardless of the platform.

“If you suck offline, you’ll suck on live stream.”

Focus on building a community.

Communities will follow you. They will support you. Brian’s upcoming book, “Millennial Mindset” tells his story of community and how he’s built it from the ground up.

“As we become more digital, more savvy, we will want to connect. We will crave more access to real people and the people that make brands great,” Brian said.

Watch The Show and tell us your takeaway from this special segment:

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