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The Sunday Supper

The Sunday Supper

When Dave, our friend and CEO of Decibel Management, asked if we might be interested in pro bono work we immediately said no. Then of course we got curious.

“[The Sunday Supper] is a benefit event,” he said, “to help eastern NC towns that were, and still are, decimated by flooding from the recent hurricane.

Go on,” we said.

It’s a community supper, with a table for 1,000 stretched down Fayetteville Street. There’ll be music [awesome] and BBQ [yum] and beer [yes, please]. Amazing right?

You had us at beer and BBQ,” we said.

Oh and we have four weeks to plan it,” he said.

Oh sh*t,” we said.

But then we remembered this image.

And this one.

We were all in. And we couldn’t be more proud to be a part of this effort.

News and media outlets have stepped up to help tell the story. Companies of all sizes have come forward with food, gear and cold-hard cash. Volunteers from all walks of life have offered to show up and help set the community table.

The incredible amount of time, effort and just plain old heart that’s gone into making The Sunday Supper event a reality speaks to the generosity and kindness of our neighbors.

As our team at Walk West (formerly Greenroom Communications) has built the digital and video strategy to promote and capture the event, everyone in our network has stepped up to help. For free.

We owe you all a drink. Or several.

Go to to get your seat at the table — tickets are almost sold out.

If you can’t get a seat for this Sunday, there are other ways to help. Volunteer. Donate. Talk to your company about sponsorship.

But what’s needed most is actual, real live hands-on volunteers to travel east to help rebuild.

Email The Sunday Supper team at to find out more.

A very special thanks to our digital and video team:

And to Eckel + Vaughan and Kohn Associates for bringing us on board for this benefit event.


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