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The Age of the Infographic

The Age of the Infographic

In the age of instant gratification, where audiences have the attention span of a goldfish and content overflows, how do you make sure that your ideas don’t get drowned out?

You need a way to grab the attention of your audience and communicate your ideas quickly and efficiently…an infographic is the solution to your problem and here’s why.

Humans are Visual The earliest forms of ideas were communicated using hand-drawn drawings in caves. Visuals were used to communicate before the written word, so naturally humans are drawn to visuals. According to HubSpot, “The human brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than text and 90 percent of the information transmitted to the brain is visual.” Infographics tap into this natural desire to consume ideas visually.

Attract Readers – If presented with the option, would you rather look quickly look at an image or read a long paragraph to learn something? Most would be drawn to the image. Viewers are more inclined to read your content presented as (or with) visuals rather than an exhaustive mass of words. An infographic will draw in your readers like a moth to a light.

Communicate Quickly and Effectively – With short attention spans come a limited time frame in which a reader will consume content. If the content is not to the point and easy to understand he or she will move on. Infographics break down content in a visually interesting way and make it easy to scan and comprehend.

Shows Expertise – By taking the initiative to educate your audience on a particular subject, you are showing your expertise and thought leadership in your field, as well as your desire to share your knowledge. Infographics are the perfect way to effectively share your expertise with your audience.

Increase Site Traffic and Brand Awareness – Infographics can be shared across multiple channels and linked back to your site, sending viewers directly to the source of the information: your site. Branded infographics build your brand’s reputation as being a thought leader and an educator. Infographics help with SEO, too. They create a content platform for link outreach through developing relationships with credible sites in your space. Every time an infographic is shared on the another site it helps your SEO.

So get your audience’s attention and start creating visual masterpieces! If you need help making stunning infographics, give us a call. Our design team has created infographics for a variety of industries and can help with your imagery needs.

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