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Talking and Listening on #TEDTuesday

Talking and Listening on #TEDTuesday

Here at Walk West, we talk a lot about telling your story online. This TED Talk from Uri Hasson describes the power of a story told and retold, and the similarities in the brain when both hearing and repeating a story.

As he relays, it’s an important point that storytelling in our society relies on occupying common ground. With everything going on across the current media landscape, are we losing the common ground needed to listen to and understand each other?

Key Takeaway: Actual conversation is key. Talking like a person, even with web copy, is ideal for people engaging with your brand. It wasn’t said in this TED Talk, but very few people ever retell what you is told in bullet points.

This Is Your Brain on Communication:

Conversational Competence is identified as a weakness certainly for American teens, but it is equally lacking for brands as well. There’s also further proof that our common ground is vanishing from a Pew Research study referenced in Celeste Headlee’s TED Talk. At this moment we are more divided, more polarized, and less likely to compromise than ever before. That means conveying your message is much more difficult, because our minds are already made up, and not easily swayed.

Key Takeaway: Celeste’s 10 rules are great for person-to-person conversation, but are also rather applicable for brand-to-customer conversations as well.

10 Ways to Have a Better Conversation:

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