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The Social Media Masters

The Social Media Masters

With a record-setting 9 Aces, including 2 consecutive hole-in-ones on the Par 3 Contest, Tom Watson’s last go round at Augusta, and a 22 year-old as the odds-on favorite to repeat, there are plenty of reasons to follow the 2016 Masters. Despite the comprehensive TV and online coverage, it’s hard to follow it all so we’ve compiled a leaderboard of golf’s best social media accounts specifically for the Green Jacket set.

First things first, the tournament itself. A tradition unlike any other. has really progressed over the years and is now exactly how a second (or third) screen should work to supplement the broadcast or help those of us stuck at work keep up-to-date. You can also follow the tourney via Twitter or Instagram.

Twitter: @TheMasters, 496k followers

Instagram: TheMasters, 158k followers

The Masters Social Media Leaderboard

Rickie Fowler

Rickie’s social media will tell you why he’s such a fan favorite. You can quickly see he’s having lots of fun being Rickie Fowler. He comes off as incredibly genuine, with the occasional and forgivable advertising interruption.

Twitter: @RickieFowler, 1.12M followers

Instagram: RickieFowler, 800k followers

Dustin Johnson

Dustin’s Twitter account is all business, while Instagram is golf and family. What else is there?

Twitter: @DJohnsonPGA, 389k followers

Instagram: DJohnsonPGA, 250k followers

*We’d be remiss in not mentioning his better half, Paulina Gretzky. Paulina Gretzky has 419k followers on Instagram, as if you weren’t already following her.

Ian Poulter

Ian’s social accounts are a great peak behind the curtain, as well as a good way to get to know the British golfer.

Twitter: @IanJamesPoulter, 2.2M followers

Instagram: IanJamesPoulter, 203k followers

Rory McIlroy

Rory’s Instagram feels like you’re going for a ride along with Rory as he moves through life.

Twitter: @RoryMcIlroy, 2.2M followers

Instagram: RoryMcIlroy, 203k followers

Bubba Watson

You never know what will show up on the two-time Masters champion’s Instagram and Twitter. The two accounts are pretty similar, but both are a good follow.

Twitter: @BubbaWatson, 1.56M followers

Instagram: BubbaWatson, 390k followers

Jordan Spieth

Like Bubba, Jordan’s Twitter and Instagram are very similar. They feel more like true updates versus a window into Jordan’s world, but he’s such a great guy and as the odds-on favorite, he has to make the cut and get on our social media leaderboard.

Twitter: @JordanSpieth, 1.33M followers

Instagram: JordanSpieth, 784k followers


Ben Crane

He’s not playing at the Masters this year, but Ben’s feeds are all about faith, family and fun. He’s worth a follow.

Twitter: @BenCraneGolf, 163k followers

Instagram: BenCraneGolf, 36k followers

Bonus – YouTube: Ben Crane, 21k followers and all of the Golf Boys videos you can handle.

Tiger Woods

If you’re waiting for the big comeback, keep up with the latest Tiger news directly from him on Twitter. You won’t be alone as a combined 6 million people are getting rehab updates.

Twitter: @TigerWoods, 5.7M followers

Instagram: TigerWoods, 471k followers

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