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Raleigh's Best Social Media Profiles: An NC Transplant's Recommendations

Raleigh's Best Social Media Profiles: An NC Transplant's Recommendations

I just moved to Raleigh. And I’m obviously not alone. The population increases by 63 people every day with now over a million people in Wake County. According to the US Census, Wake grew 43.5% from 2000 to 2010, and the Raleigh metro region is predicted to be the country’s fastest growing from 2011 to 2021.  It will double in size in the next two decades. None of this info is new to you, but all of Raleigh is new to me.

So what’s a newbie to do but turn to social media to find out where to live, eat and shop. Here are the best of social media getting up to speed and in the know in and around Raleigh.

ITB Insider – William Needham Finley IV

Always good for a laugh and a born and bred ITBer’s point of view.

Instagram: WNFIV

Twitter: @WNFIV

Facebook: ITB Insider


The Scout Guide, Raleigh | Durham | Chapel Hill

Finding the chic and stylish all over the Triangle.

Facebook: TSG, Raleigh, Durham & Chapel Hill


Raleigh Whats Up

Exactly what it says – keeping track of what’s up in Raleigh.

Instagram: RaleighWhatsUp

Twitter: @RaleighWhatsUp

Facebook: Raleigh Whats Up


919 Beer

It’s about beer. In the Triangle. Do you need more convincing?

Instagram: 919 Beer

Twitter: @919Beer


New Raleigh

In their words, it’s the “obsessive guide to Raleigh News, Design and Entertainment.”

Instagram: New Raleigh

Twitter: @NewRaleigh

Raleigh Food Pics

You’ll get hungry just looking at the Instagram feed and know the answer to the eternal question, “Where should we eat?”

Instagram: RaleighFoodPics

Twitter: @RaleighFoodPics

Bonus Recommendation

For those of us new to Raleigh, it’s good to know that this town got along just fine before we got here. Olde Raleigh revisits the city’s history, “one photo at a time.”

Olde Raleigh

Instagram: Olde Raleigh

Twitter: @OldeRaleigh

Who are you following for the Raleigh 4-1-1? Who would you add to the list? Visit our Facebook page and share your favorites.

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