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Pre-Game Prediction for the “Big Game” Commercial Winners (Spoilers)

Pre-Game Prediction for the “Big Game” Commercial Winners (Spoilers)

It’s that time of the year; We are forty-eight hours away from the biggest day in advertising history. Clients spend millions of dollars to take advantage of the one day that we are all watching the same thing. Yes, viewership continues to decrease, but as Shakira once sang, “hips numbers don’t lie” it still attracts more than 100 million viewers each year.

Like any good marketer, I planned ahead and watched every commercial that was available (thank you AdAge) before Sunday. In doing so, I can now sit back and not be THAT guy who yells at everyone to be quiet during the commercials.

Without further ado, here are my pre-game predictions:

10.  New York Life

9. Amazon Prime 

8. Bud Light Seltzer 

7. Hyundai 

6. Olay 

5. Google 

4. Dashline 

3. Reese’s Take 5

2. Snickers 

1. Turbo Tax –

Overall, I think the commercials this year are great compared to the last couple of years. A lot of brands leaned on humor to drive their message which is always a good choice. Google and New York Life had the best emotional ads that will make you shed a tear. Some brands used music to elevate their commercial (I see you, Turbo Tax) and others went the celebrity route.  The best unknown brand was Dashline who was spot on highlighting the ongoing issue of remembering your password which everyone can relate to.  

Hope you enjoy the commercials and look forward to hearing what you all think after Sunday.

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