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Poetry At Work Day

Poetry At Work Day

O3 is excited for 2016
With new sites, SEO, and everything between

Casey and Zak can help you get found online
Creating content through Facebook, Twitter, even Vine!

Blog ideas and opportunities on social media
And don’t worry, they will not cite Wikipedia

Laurie, Jose, and Meredith are designers at heart
Bringing websites to life through strategy and art

Matthan, Bill, and Carlo, our development friends
Coding sites to perfection, both front and backend

Jen and Kristina keep projects on time
Supreme lord chancellors of maximizing your dime

Brian is the brains behind the whole operation
Constantly fueling company innovation

Everyone on this dedicated team
is working toward the same ultimate dream

We collaborate and work together as a whole
Overly satisfied clients is everyone’s end goal

Sometimes you have to combine work with play
Have yourself a productive Poetry at Work Day!

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