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10 Things to Make Your Office a Happier Place

10 Things to Make Your Office a Happier Place

It’s a no brainer that everyone wants to be happier at work. According to an employee engagement study by Randstad, 36% of employees would give up $5,000 a year in salary to be happier at work. Think about that – that’s over one third of employees surveyed. That’s 5,000 dollar tacos.

But it makes sense. Why wouldn’t you want to be happy in a place where you spend most of your week? It’s no secret that happy employees are more productive. So enough of the stats, here’s a list of things that make office life better; things that we at Walk West (formerly Greenroom Communications) think should be a part of every office:

  1. A hammock to work while relaxed. This pic was taken on National Hammock Day recently, so it’s only appropriate to start with this one.
  2. Free parking! Not everyone is in control of this one, but if you work in a city, you know free parking is hard to find. We consider ourselves lucky to be living the luxury of never sprinting out of our office to chase down the parking police.
  3. A Snuggie/blanket. I’ve yet to get my own since the Gryffindor robe style Snuggie is currently out of stock, but it’s crucial if you’re always cold and don’t want to start an office thermostat war.
  4. Snacks. You can’t work properly if you’re hungry, and especially not if you’re hangry. Did I mention dollar tacos?
  5. Quarterly outings. People with friends at their jobs are seven times more likely to fully engage in their work. Whether it’s to the tapas place down the street, bowling, or volunteering at your local soup kitchen, team bonding is important to success at work. So make friends that make you want to knock down cubicles.
  6. Actually knock down the cubicles. Open work-spaces promote increased engagement and inspire collaboration.
  7. A water-cooler group chat, for sharing relevant industry articles and funny memes to boost Monday morale. This one is my recent favorites:
  8. Frequent breaks throughout the day. Search for Poké stops in the area or grab a latte across the street every couple of hours so you can come back to work refreshed.
  9. An intern. Since the job market is tough for recent grads, students are looking for any experience they can get to put on their resumes. (Full disclosure: I  may be biased speaking as a former intern.)
  10. The occasional Bring Your Dog to Work Day or Bring Your Kid to Work Day, because nothing can relieve stress like a baby or a puppy.

    This list is only a portion of the things in our office that make us happy employees. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for a behind-the-scenes look at Walk West, (formerly Greenroom Communications), and a 360 office tour coming soon! What things around your office keep productivity up? Reach out to us and let us know your tips and tricks.
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