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Kiersten Williams Joins Walk West as Director of Strategic Communications

Kiersten Williams Joins Walk West as Director of Strategic Communications
We don’t meet people by accident; they’re meant to cross our path for a reason.

During my career, I’ve met some truly amazing people who have shared new perspectives, challenged the status-quo and simply approached things differently. These people have always turned out to be the industry game changers. More often than not, the most significant moments of introduction are unplanned.

To me, the ability to stand out, well, stands out. But, standing out isn’t enough. It’s the ‘prove it’ factor that really matters. Because actually doing things differently is way different than talking about it.

When those two factors combine, it is impossible to unsee it.

Enter Walk West. When I met our executive chairman, it quickly became clear that this agency was doing something special and creating very different outcomes for clients. I was impressed with the proven growth trajectory, talented collaboration and full-on focus to use data to inform strategy and achieve business goals.

Over the years, I’ve been fortunate to work with client teams and industry colleagues throughout the world at a range of agency and corporate communications settings.

The Walk West team is by far the most strategic, digitally-innovative and make-it-happen group of professionals under one roof.

The decision was clear: this was a game-changing team at a game-changing agency.

From big consumer brands to medium-sized and smaller businesses, our talented teams get up every day to think differently and use a modern mix of communications strategy. I hear them collaborating, sharing ideas and challenging each other to help our clients stand out in new ways.

I am thrilled to join the Walk West tribe of entrepreneurs, engineers, consultants, and storytellers.

Believe it or not, the most rewarding moments in life can actually be the unexpected ones. Being a good listener helps, but even the best listeners can miss an opportunity.

When you meet game changers, always listen. Seize the moment, make it happen and help others to be remarkable.

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